Red licorice is known as favorite candy, but did you know that it can be used to decorate all sorts of desserts? Red licorice has been around for quite some time, and it is now become a classic, old time favorite candy. This old time favorite candy can be used in new ways though, from everything from decorating Halloween cupcakes to American flag cookies. Here are some great ideas and tips for using red licorice to decorate your favorite desserts.


Red licorice can be used for all kinds of different cupcakes and cakes for different holidays and occasions. When it comes to Halloween, red licorice can be used to make all kinds of different dessert decorations. Make monster eyeball cupcakes and use pieces of the licorice as to make bloodshot eyes. You can also use the candy for goblin cupcakes as the goblin’s hair. Don’t forget about using red licorice on Halloween cakes for things such as scrapes and wounds on a person, or red eyes on a black cat.


There are other holidays besides Halloween that you can use red licorice for to decorate your desserts. For the Fourth of July, use the strips of candy to make American flag cookies or a cake. For Valentine’s Day, you can use the licorice and form it in a shape of a heart to put on cakes, cookies, pies, truffles, and brownies. There are numerous ways that you can use red licorice during Christmas. Just some of the ways to use the candy would be for Santa cookies, Christmas ornament cupcakes, decorations on a gingerbread house, and garland on a Christmas tree cake.


There are also other occasions besides holidays in which you can use red licorice for your desserts. A monkey cake can be a cute addition to a child’s birthday party. Use red licorice for the monkey’s mouth. Red licorice could also serve as whiskers on a cat or other critter for cupcakes. The classic candy can be used for birthdays, baby showers, and even graduations.


The possibilities are endless when you use red licorice to decorate your desserts.

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